1. tasteforthetasteless:

    Antonio Caparo-

    (via lllea)

  2. gaksdesigns:

Underwater partition
  3. yoyonaki:


    soey milk.

    my role model * ◒ *)

  4. artmonia:

She Speaks The Truth by Valerie Chua.
  5. sapphire-solitaire:

Lilandra by =SaiyaGina
  6. fairytalemood:

    “Rujalina” and “Rozalba” by Madalina Andronic


    “Daughter of Frost and a forgotten hollyhock, Rujalina is Rozalba’s older sister. Raised in the gloomy light of late autumn, composed and beauteous.  Sparkling magic powers, stardust and all. Cold, but oh-so-queenlike.”


    “Her name is Rozalba and she is the most beautiful fairy from the fascinating universe of Romanian folktales. Sometimes seen bathing in pure mountain springs or dancing in a frenetic vertigo in moonlit forest glades, while singing with her enchanting voice, Rozalba casts spells to those whose souls are pure and winged by passion.”

    (via anouroboros)

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